Free bitcoins and other crypto-currency links

Free bitcoins and other crypto-currency links

Please click on the links below in order to receive free Crypto-currency
1) Click on the first link and register. Then, visit the other links

First register at Coinpot
You can get your Bitcoin address if you first click on "View Bitcoin core summary" and then click on "deposit bitcoin core".

Once you complete the above Coinpot registration, then you need to add the following sites, using the same email address you used for Coinpot. Once you do so, then you can claim from the following sites(bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, dogecoin and dash coin):
Moon Bitcoin
Moon Litecoin
Moon Dogecoin
Moon Dash
Moon Bitcoincash
Bonus Bitcoin

2) Click and register at Faucethub
Then you need to add sites like:

This this BlockFaucet

Coin Faucet
ETH Faucet
ETH Hotcoins
Free Ethereum (ETH) Faucet

BTC For Everyone
We love faucets


If you do not have an online safe wallet, you can use Cryptonator. It is very easy to use and creates new wallet addresses in seconds.

Otherwise, you can use EOBOT.

If you need Ads, register as per below:

Mellow Ads - subscribe now
Mellow Faucets

It is very easy and you are rewarded.

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